Standard Utility Body vs
Transferable Truck Body
Need a new profit center for your organization but
can't raise your rates and still be competitive?  

TTB's will $ave, $ave and $ave.
How much time & money can you afford
to waste on your fleet problems?
No more... lost work days due to truck repairs
No more... lost productivity because field technicians double up due to truck service/ repairs
No more... lost or irritated customers due to truck problems
No more… dedicated service vehicles.  Get multiple uses from each truck!
No more... lost company revenues due to field techs bogged down with vehicle problems
No more... field technicians transferring inventory and gear between utility bodies
No more... field technicians wasting shop time inventorying parts
No more... pressure on fleet managers to get trucks repaired “yesterday”
No more... worries of excessive downtime due to running older trucks
No more... buying of specialty trucks—use regular domestic pickups
No more... wasted capital & license, maintenance, insurance expense on extra fleet vehicles
No more... repeat truck outfitting.   When you change trucks –you’re in business immediately
No more…wishin’ for a fishin’/huntin’ truck on the weekend
No more… lost vehicle value due to special upfitting (pickups have the highest resale value)
No more..  excuses by field personal.  “My gear (inventory) is on the other truck”
No more... damaged or stolen gear/inventory.  Keep it covered and secured.
No more…
long hot rides in vans between jobs.  Pickups cool/ heat quicker, more comfort.
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